Forest Management & Timber Sales since 1972

Timber Sale Administration

We are hired directly by woodland owners.  We are not a purchasing agent or procurement forester attempting to purchase your timber.  The best way to obtain your management objectives while realizing the optimal price for your standing timber is to employ a third party consultant who is versed in the art of timber cruising, selection and appraisals.  We have strong markets for your timber harvesting interests and can solicit bids from reputable firms upon completing a very accurate appraisal of your mature standing timber.  We also complete every step involving a timber harvest to include permit acquisition, timber sale contracts, execution of payment, contract closing, initial site meeting with harvesters, periodic inspections of the harvest, bonding, insurances and final site retirement.  We offer a free initial site consultation to determine your goals and what your woodland has to offer you.  There is no obligation or hidden fees.  We can offer you a woodland assessment of what you have to work with now or in the future which is dependent on these factors, size of timber, topography of the landscape, access to woodland, and current market conditions. If your timber is ready to be harvested we will then follow up the visit with an overview in writing and a management  / marketing proposal for your consideration.

Case Study:  A recent client received an unsolicited offer of $25,000 for the timber on his land from a timber buyer.  This buyer provided a very limited sale agreement with a tree count only.  This was the best price the buyer could offer giving his operating cost, markets, and trucking distance to the sawmill.  Before accepting the offer, the landowner secured our services.  Through the marking, appraisal based on total board foot volumes, marketing of the sale and specific management objectives applied, we were able to secure a high bid of $43,500.  In addition to earning our client more money after paying our fee, we prepared an extensive timber sale contract and conducted the supervision of the logging operation and final site retirement implementation. Our client's woodland was properly managed and his residual woodland protected to satisfy his long term objectives for the future. 

 Timber Trespass Evaluations 

Has your timber been cut, without authorization, due to an error by an adjacent harvest?  We can determine  the approximate value of the timber removed by conducting a stump evaluation. 

Forest Stand Improvement Plans


We can help you determine the best applications to improve your woodland's health and sustainability by conducting a detailed exam of your woodland, providing a written management plan and information about the forest type, invasive species present, and the eradication of growth inhibiting factors.  Costs for this service vary by the size and terrain of the woodland.

Forestland Investment Advice

Are you looking to purchase a woodland of your own?  Kort Forestry can help you determine the present and future potential of your woodland investment.  

  • Forest Inventory
  • ​Site quality
  • ​Growth simulations
  • Short and long term cutting goals
  • ​Stand delin​eation

Wildlife Management

The ability to manipulate our forests through the practice of silviculture allows us to tailor your woodland to benefit wildlife species, deer, turkey, grouse, and other desired Pennsylvania game and wildlife.  

Counties of Pennsylvania we serve: 

Northumberland, Columbia, Schuylkill, Lycoming, Montour, Snyder, Union, Perry, Luzerne, Dauphin, Monroe, Pike.  Not seeing your county?  We will travel the distance to ensure you have the best option to meet your goals.